Update – new guitars!

Today RF visited Crimson Guitars which was documented in some wonderful photos! See the ’00s section for details.

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  • New acoustic info for LTIA added
  • New guitar, old tuning!
  • Second 1970s board detailed by Cornish
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  • Linked to a good photo of the Cornish pedal board (1970s)
  • Clarified the facts on the Roland synth guitar (KC ’80s)
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Guitar updates

Did some research on guitars and managed to dig up some more on the black Tokai (Later 80s section) and the Beaudoux guitars (00s section). The 48th Street guitars have been dated to 1992 (90s section). Some new stuff on strings as well!

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Not much new happening in the world of RF music gear and not much old to be unearthed, so updates here remain scarce. Two additions today:

  • Info from Hernan Nuñez on the early ’90s rig
  • Spec sheet for 2003 touring rig
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Minor update

  • Added video reference for the Beaudoux used at some soundchecks for the 2008 tour (’00s).
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Update & reorganising

  • Shuffled around a bit with content and two old pages that were leftovers from an older version of Fripperies have been replaced with “Plectrums & Strings” and “About & Links”, a much better way to organise that content.
  • Added some info on strings used in the 1970’s.
  • Some guitar and effect info in the New York section, not very new but filling out the picture.
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  • Comments & Links section updated: plectrum text completely overhauled.
  • New information regarding the League of Gentlemen setup thanks to commenter Ray Smith.
  • Some housekeeping in the 70’s KC section.
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Buyer’s guides?

I have a question for our visitors – would you like some kind of buyer’s guide like the excellent Gilmourish site has? Getting a Fripp kind of sound is not particularly difficult in terms of what hardware to buy: the real difficulty lies in the playing. Ever had a go at Fracture? The magic in that piece is certainly not the fuzz tone!

Still, maybe it could be interesting? Leave a comment below!

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Several minor updates today:

  • a second diary reference to the “Marriott” spare Les Paul and a reference to the current resting place of the main Les Paul (70’s KC)
  • more information on the black Tokai and a spare (Later 80’s)
  • the start of rack mounted looping/soundscaping dated to 1992 (90’s)
  • “Formentera Lady” acoustic (Acoustics)
  • the String Archive (Comments and Links)
  • RSS feed added, by request. I’m new to RSS stuff so let me know if there are any issues with this!
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