A note on links to the RF diary

So DGM Live finally got a major overhaul! However, while that is a good thing it also means that there may be issues with the existing links from this site to RF’s online diary which is frequently used as a source of gear information. When I have had time to go over things I will post another update, but please have patience as I have less time for this than before.

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Update: New guitar day!

It is not a very common occurrence but RF was recently treated to an NGD! See the KC8 part of the Guitars section for further information.

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Robert’s new guitar

In this “What’s on the bench” video from Crimson Guitars we get a brief sneak preview of RF’s next guitar.

I will leave it to Crimson Guitars to give more exact specs but what we can see/hear is that it has a Fernandes Sustainer circuit, House of Tone 45 bridge pickup and a Kahler flatmount vibrato bridge. It looks like a rosewood top and a padauk neck with ebony fretboard. Body wood looks lighter in colour than mahogany.


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Update: reorganisation!

I have been working on a new layout for the various sections for a while and the changes have now gone live. It made more sense to order the information by type rather than period to keep things clear. Hopefully this gives some of the stuff more exposure since some pages were clearly more visited than others.

With this comes a large amount of minor edits and quite a bit of new stuff here and there: mainly regarding keyboards, the late 1970s and post-KC 1980s as well as early 1990s. Let me know if you find any errors, typos or missing info you can help out with – and happy browsing!

– KB

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Update: small stuff

By pure coincidence I stumbled across an old familiar fuzzbox at a much later date than expected (see ’90s section); the Vox guitar is under reconstruction (see 2000s).

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Update: Rig tour

In an online article for MusicRadar, Trev Wilkins details Robert Fripp’s entire rig for the 2014 King Crimson Elements Tour of the US, even including a helpful flowchart that traces the signal path(s) from beginning to end. I will add all this information to the appropriate page here, but as far as the actual equipment used it is pretty much as has been described before: the big winner here is definitely the flowchart.

You can find the article here.

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Update: RF shows his rig – briefly!

KC8 page updated with a video of RF giving us a quick overview of the Sirius Probe.

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Update: new page on KC8!

Things were getting very wordy and hard to keep track of over at the ’00s page, so I added a new one about the latest developments from the first preparatory rehearsals, and it is my intention to keep track of as much as possible as the tour goes on.

If anyone who is fortunate to see KC live in 2014 would be willing to contribute to the information here, I would be very happy! But please, respect the band and don’t photograph them in action.

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Update – old amplifiers

Today’s update concerns the two ’70s pages:

  • Added information on RF’s first amplifiers
  • Added information on recording with Eno in general and the Heroes album with Bowie in particular.
  • Many small fine tunings on the ’70s, ’90s and 2000s pages.
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Update: rack upgrades

Updated the 2000s section with news from an early March rehearsal session with Jakko Jakczyk. At last, Fripp goes Fractal!

I have also realised to my own mortification that the apostrophies in the section names have all been placed wrong. Apologies, it has now been corrected.

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